How to Transcript and Record a Google Meet Call

Google Meet is a popular communication tool for both individuals and groups. It facilitates remote communication and collaboration between the various parties.

But, like any other important meeting, you may have wondered if you could record a video meeting with Google Meet. The answer is a resounding YES! You’ve got this.

You could record the video meeting using Google Workspace Editions.

Record a video meeting

These Google Workspace editions allow you to record video meetings:

  • The essentials
  • Standard Business Form
  • Business Plus
  • Enterprise Essentials
  • Enterprise Level
  • Plus Enterprise

Hover over the Google Workspace page to learn more about this feature.

To record a meeting, your Google Workspace admin must enable recording for your account.

You can record Google Meet sessions if you are a meeting organizer or a member of the same organization as the meeting organizer.

The active speaker is included in the recordings. The recording result will be automatically uploaded to My Drive by Google Workspace. You will receive an email with the recording result once you have finished recording. The hyperlink has been added to the calendar event.

So, if you’re an organizer or a member of the organizing organization, you can rest assured that everything will be recorded in Google Meet.

The other attendees at the meeting will be aware of the recording and stop notifications. However, they have no control over the recording.

The only thing that annoys us is that the captions will not be recorded and will not appear when you play the recording. If you require an audio transcription from Google, you SHOULD NOT EXPECT A LOT FROM THIS FEATURE.

The ability to playback transcripts is dependent on the file formats and media player you are using. VLC, a media player, can be useful. However, it is not a guarantee.

You could hire Google to provide meeting transcription services, but this would be prohibitively expensive if you intend to use them for dozens of meetings in the future. You could also take the easier route and record your Google Meet session using an audio transcription tool like Notiv.

How to record a Google Meet

Notiv is a versatile audio transcription tool that can also serve as an automatic meeting recorder. It will not only assist you in recording the Google Meet session, but it will also assist you in transcribing the entire Google Meet recordings. It has a variety of features that you can use to summarise key points from meetings and share the content with meeting participants and colleagues.

Recording meeting notes from your Notiv meeting is a simple and straightforward process. According to the Notiv creators, there are only three steps you need to take to get the best results from the recordings.

First and foremost, you will add the meeting to your calendar. Notiv is ready to take on the cause because the meeting is on the calendar and the Google Meet invite is available in specific fields.

Make sure you turn on the Notiv app before the meeting begins… The toggled button should be turned on.

Notiv will automatically transcribe your meeting session as long as it is turned on. It will become active as soon as the meeting begins.

Manual meeting note-taking is no longer necessary, thanks to Google meeting transcription services such as Notiv. This software easily integrates with Google Meetings and generates transcriptions as you go through the meeting. Continue with the meeting with the Google product as usual, and you will receive the transcription result quickly.

You will receive your transcription recording result automatically following the meeting session. You can save it somewhere else or share it with your team members.

Not only is the Notiv software useful for recording and transcribing, but it also pinpoints important information. As a result, reading long pages with stuffed keywords to understand the information from the meetings would be unnecessary. The meeting notes will be more detailed.

You can also easily search and share the meeting results. To find the phrase or keyword you’re looking for, use the quick search feature. Then you can proceed to share the findings with your coworkers.

It has never been easy to integrate. Notiv can sync with your calendars and then send meeting reminders to attendees.

What is the purpose of transcription?

A long, pointless meeting is the last thing you need after a long day at work. It’s even more aggravating when it happens just as you’re about to finish a task.

These issues are addressed by meeting transcription software. To help you learn more about yourself and your profession, Notiv offers customizable transcripts and audio recordings. The best part is that you can work at your own pace, giving you more time to devote to other activities.

Notiv employs high-level functions to boost the value of low-level, low-responsibility functions. Entry-level workers, such as interns and administrative assistants, are not expected to take notes. If they make the most of meetings, they will be able to contribute more to your organization and advance their careers.

It’s ridiculous to spend an hour on something that can be done in 15 minutes. When the time comes, all you have to do is search Notiv’s transcripts for the information you’re looking for.

Meetings in multiple time zones are difficult enough to schedule. If you wake up too late at night or too early in the morning, you will be out of sync. Notiv keeps you on track in any meeting, allowing you to focus on other things.

Notiv also helps those in positions of power by liberating their time. Transcripted sessions enable attendees to prioritize meetings in order to catch up on those they have missed.

These are excellent resources for your business. Attendance and participation are essential for success, which may be difficult to achieve if you or your coworkers are taking notes.

To get feedback, send the audio and transcript of your workshop or brainstorming session to those who couldn’t make it.

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