Reasons Why SEO Experts Should Hide Their IP

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is the most rapidly expanding area of Digital Marketing. With the internet becoming a global village, business people and even individuals prefer to have their own website that others can access and earn money from. As a result, SEO plays an important role in ranking your site on Google and obtaining free organic traffic.

Because competition is increasing, many SEO specialists want to learn and mimic the strategies of others to perform well. However, most SEO experts keep it a closely guarded secret. Using a VPN to hide IP addresses is one of the secrets, among others. In this article, we will discuss why SEO professionals should conceal their locations and IP addresses.

As an SEO Expert, you may have questions such as:

Is it a good idea to conceal my IP address?
What is the point of concealing your IP address?
Is IP important for SEO?

If you have these questions, keep reading this article because we will answer them.

Reasons to Hide an SEO Expert’s IP Address:

There are several reasons to hide your address, including the benefits of increased website ranking and online protection from hackers. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons now.

Prevent Tracing and Tracking:

People who work as digital marketers may not want to be traced and tracked by other websites, ISPs, and search engines. The internet is a vast place with a plethora of websites to discover. There are numerous reasons why people should protect their privacy while surfing the web, ranging from protecting their contact information to hiding sensitive business data that a competitor may see.

Assume people aren’t cautious about how much information they reveal. In that case, they may be exposed in a Google search for something embarrassing, or they may be identified as the perpetrator of a virus that left traces of their IP address.

As a result, it is always advised to use a VPN search engine. We recommend VeePN VPN to users because it is secure, encrypted, legal, and trustworthy. VeePN offers a “Double VPN” service as one of its features. People may be wondering, “What is a double VPN?”

A double VPN is a VeePN feature that gives users more internet security by covering them with two servers instead of one, which is also known as VPN chaining. VeePN’s double VPN feature can assist users in avoiding digital traces on the internet. Before purchasing, you can try out a free trial.

Promotion based on location/region:

Another significant advantage for online marketers is the ability to promote in specific regions simply by concealing their IP address with a VPN. Search Engine Optimization experts are frequently required to promote their website on high-quality and authoritative websites. However, due to location-based restrictions, they are not always permitted.

They can access every site on the internet and promote their website to millions of people by concealing their IP addresses. GeoIP advertising is another name for this type of advertising.

Spying on Competitors:

When competing with other businesses, it is critical to keep track of everything that can have an impact on your company. This includes how well your competitors are performing in the rankings.

This frequently entails looking at what keywords they are ranking for and developing similar ones for your site. One way to accomplish this without drawing attention to yourself is to hide your IP address when visiting competitor sites or searching for their keywords, so they don’t know you’re there.

Promotion on Social Media:

Making IP addresses anonymous can also help with social media promotion in a variety of ways. First, people can make as many posts and comments as they want by using a VPN, which is otherwise not permitted on sites like Instagram, Facebook, and so on, and they will consider your actions to be spam. In the worst-case scenario, they may even terminate the account, resulting in a waste of time and effort.

Second, users can promote their products, services, or simply their social media accounts while remaining completely anonymous. As a result, no one can track down your original identification.

Third, and most importantly, it can protect your account from hacker attacks. Hackers typically target branded accounts or those with large followings. People can avoid these attacks by concealing their IP addresses with a VPN such as VeePN.

Fourth, sites such as Pinterest or Instagram frequently launch new features in countries such as the United States first, followed by other developing countries many years later. People can use VPN to change their location, enjoy all of the latest features, and outperform their competitors.

Guest Posts

Guest posting is one of the most important search engine optimization strategies for gaining backlinks and increase the audience. However, it is also the most difficult job because sites that accept guest posts frequently have guidelines. One of the restrictions is that they only want guest posts from a specific region or country, such as the United States; otherwise, it will not be accepted.

People can use a VPN to hide their location and IP address to gain access to all of the sites that accept guest posts, obtain quality backlinks for their site, and increase engagement and traffic. It is also an excellent way to promote yourself and your brand while obtaining backlinks.

Scraping a website:

Scraping a competitor’s website with original identification is not a good idea, and people may be penalized for doing so. However, by concealing the original IP address and location, they can avoid being penalized and scrape important information such as meta-titles, keywords, descriptions, and so on.

They can then apply the information to their own website’s business and benefits to rank higher on Google.


If you are an experienced SEO specialist, you are aware that there are numerous methods for improving your search engine ranking. Using a VPN to hide your IP address is one of the most effective methods. As a result, your competitors, ISP, and search engines will be unable to locate you. Internet anonymity is also useful for avoiding hacker attacks while browsing the internet.

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