Why Developers Should Suggest CSAT Surveys to Their Clients

If you’re like most website developers, you just want to get paid to do your job. Creating a website is a major undertaking, regardless of how small the final product will be.

Some developers take on additional responsibilities, such as on-page SEO and basic content creation. Most clients understand these are necessities and value any head start they can get. Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, on the other hand, are a useful tool you can recommend to your clients.

What exactly are customer satisfaction surveys?

According to, a customer satisfaction survey determines how satisfied customers are with a product, service, or support interaction. A customer satisfaction survey asks, “How satisfied were you with [your company]?” The customer can choose a number between 1 and 5, with 1 indicating “very dissatisfied” and 5 indicating “very satisfied.”

Why are customer satisfaction surveys important?

Customer satisfaction surveys reveal what a company is doing well and where it can improve. This data can then be used by businesses to improve their systems and processes in order to provide a better customer experience.

Businesses strive to provide the best customer experience possible because happy customers equal more revenue. Customers who are satisfied spend more money and refer their friends and family. This assists businesses in expanding and becoming more well-known in their industry.

Why should you recommend CSAT surveys to your web clients?

You have a thousand things to do as a developer, so why suggest CSAT surveys to your web clients? Here are four of them:

1. Your client may be unaware that CSAT surveys exist

It’s not fair to keep a great tool all to yourself. If you are aware of CSAT surveys but do not inform your web clients, they will miss out on a significant opportunity to help their business.

You might be the only person who knows about customer satisfaction surveys. Sure, most people are aware that surveys exist, but CSAT surveys conducted by companies such as Delighted are more than just questions. The most significant advantage is the addition of dynamic, sophisticated insights.

Your clients will not receive a slew of responses in their email inboxes if you use a professional CSAT survey delivery service. They’ll get an entire dashboard that crunches all the numbers for them, highlighting stats that are difficult to calculate by hand.

Your clients will also be able to send a thank-you message inviting participants to spread the word about their business to their friends and family. It’s an exciting, multifaceted experience.

2. Your client might want to hire you to assist them in putting their surveys into action

Helping a client set up a CSAT survey could be a good side gig if you’re looking for more ways to make money. You don’t have to commit to developing their entire strategy, but you could be a huge help in getting them started because you’re familiar with the software.

You are the most familiar with your clients. If they can figure things out on their own, you may only want to assist them when they get stuck. If you don’t mind a more time-consuming project, have them write their survey content and set it up from start to finish.

3. If your client’s revenue grows, he or she may hire you for another project

Do you have clients who have big ideas but no money? If you can help your clients increase their income through CSAT surveys, they will be willing to hire you for those additional projects.

4. You can use CSAT data to improve your website in the future

When your clients begin collecting customer feedback, they will almost certainly need to make changes to their website.

Assume one of your web clients discovers that certain aspects of their website are causing customers to become dissatisfied. They’ll approach you and inquire whether you can optimize those features or elements. Optimizing the user experience will be an additional paid gig for you.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Your clients will benefit from a website that better serves their customers, and you will receive more work and income.

Customer satisfaction surveys are a goldmine of information

You don’t have to tell your clients about every cool and useful strategy or tool you come across as a website developer. When you tell clients about CSAT surveys, you’re allowing them to discover a goldmine of data that they can use to increase their revenue.

Your web clients have a right to know where they stand with their clients. By spreading the word about CSAT surveys, you are assisting businesses in meeting their objectives.

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